Octane Medical acquires B. Braun’s global orthobiologics business
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Automated Tissue Engineering for Orthopedic Repair


Octane Orthobiologics Inc.


Aesculap Biologics, LLC

Transforming Lives with Living Tissue Implants

The Challenge

Although implants today boast a high rate of surgical success, the limited 15- to 30-year lifespan of conventional implants means patients may later need revision surgery – a procedure that’s invasive and often high risk.

As a result, it has become common practice to delay the first surgical implantation to minimize the risk of a future revision procedure. Unfortunately, this also delays the ability of patients to regain lost mobility and to overcome persistent pain.

The Game Changer

Through a collaboration with our Octane Biotech venture, Octane Orthobiologics developed the ability to automate production of orthopedic implants from living tissue through tissue engineering within the Cocoon system. Engineered with biological properties specific to the implantation site, these living implants have significant advantages over traditional implants formed of metals and polymers. The most significant advantage: the ability to integrate into the implantation site and progressively perform the biological role of the damaged tissue. This vital feature provides for a biological repair where all the original options for surgical intervention remain and are perhaps never required for the lifetime of the patient.

The risk of biological rejection can also be minimized by forming the living implant with cells obtained from the patient. To bring these living tissue implants into clinical use on a global scale, Octane partnered with Aesculap Biologics, LLC, a subsidiary of the multinational Aesculap, Inc. (a B. Braun company), one of the largest orthopedic implant companies in the world with a focus on innovative treatments in spine and orthopedic medicine.

The Impact

With the Octane+Aesculap partnership, the production of living tissue implants will be scaled for clinical use, giving patients with cartilage injuries of the knee a more effective and longer-lasting option to traditional implants.

Octane is currently working to expand applications to other areas including disc, tendon and bone repair. We are seeking new partners with interests that would complement our partnership with Aesculap.

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