Octane Medical acquires B. Braun’s global orthobiologics business
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Octane Biotech Inc.


Cocoon™ Production Systems for Cell Therapy




Majority shareholding acquired by Lonza Group

Octane Biotech Inc. is our venture behind Cocoon, a first-of-its-kind automated production system for personalized, patient-scale cell therapies.

With Cocoon, cell production occurs in a controlled, dynamic environment that closely monitors and regulates critical biological parameters that influence cell number, viability and phenotype. The result: game-changing cell therapy products with applications for a diverse range of critical diseases.

In 2016, Octane Biotech partnered with the Lonza Group – a collaboration that led to Octane Biotech becoming “A Lonza Company.” In 2020, Cocoon achieved an important milestone: the first clinical use in an immunotherapy treatment (CAR-T). This milestone highlights the growing interest in Cocoon to enable decentralized manufacturing of cell therapies at the point of care.

Octane and Lonza are actively seeking clinical partners to further the adoption of the Cocoon platform for the automated production of cell therapy and tissue engineering products.

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