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Process engineering, process automation and manufacturing of radioisotope infusion sets for RUBY-FILL Positron Emission Tomography


Octane Clinical Systems Inc.


Jubilant Life Sciences

Next-Level Process Design and Production Meets Next-Generation Nuclear Imaging

The Challenge

As an innovator in nuclear medicine, Jubilant Life Sciences had targeted the development of a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radioisotope delivery system capable of the highest levels of accuracy and safety in such applications as cardiovascular diagnostics, tissue abnormality detection, and mapping brain and heart function.

Jubilant needed disposable infusion lines that could perform to the level required for its next-generation delivery system, called RUBY-FILL.

The Game Changer

Drawing on its expertise in optimized process design, process automation and Good Manufacturing Practices, Octane engineered a stringent and comprehensive process for producing the RUBY-FILL infusion lines, which are designed to deliver rubidium Rb 82 chloride – a radioactive diagnostic agent indicated for PET imaging – from the RUBY-FILL closed system to the patient.

Equipped with electronic chips that enable real-time monitoring of the infusion process, these Octane-manufactured patient lines are considered the most sophisticated agent delivery systems in medical imaging.

The Impact

The partnership with Octane gave Jubilant the process engineering and manufacturing expertise it needed to complete and launch RUBY-FILL – equipped with next-generation radioisotope infusion sets – into clinical practice on a global scale. Today, Octane supplies Jubilant with all infusion systems to ensure RUBY-FILL saves lives around the world, by enabling early detection of coronary artery disease.

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