Octane Medical acquires B. Braun’s global orthobiologics business
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Octane HyperPEEK® offers breakthrough biocomposite for enhanced bone regeneration

The exceptional biocomposite from Octane Exo combines the structural integrity of PEEK with the remodeling abilty of Octane’s proprietary Skelite calcium phosphate bioceramic.

Kingston, Ontario, June 2, 2022 – Octane Exo Inc., an Octane Medical Group venture, has achieved a breakthrough in medical implant technology with Octane HyperPEEK, an advanced biocomposite proven to enhance bone regeneration with the goal of enhanced integration and stability.

HyperPEEK combines the interfacial remodeling capability of Octane’s proprietary Skelite calcium phosphate bioceramic with the structural integrity of polyether ether ketone, a thermoplastic polymer known commonly as PEEK. The result is an exceptional biocomposite, with unique biological properties, that can be used as a key structural yet biostimulating building block across a broad spectrum of regenerative medicine applications.

“With HyperPEEK, we now have a class-leading biomaterial for building next-generation implants for various clinical applications, most notably the cervical and lumbar spine. We believe this will be a game-changer for orthopedic implants,” said Timothy Smith, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Octane Medical Group, which innovates and commercializes game-changing medical technologies through multiple Octane ventures. These include Octane Exo, whose focus is on engineering active biocomposite implants for various skeletal reconstruction applications.

Skelite, one of the two components of HyperPEEK, is formed from a proprietary formulation of silicon-stabilized calcium phosphate known to be important in bone regeneration. The calcium phosphate is present as an interconnected network throughout the implant. The presence of elemental silicon within the calcium phosphate has been shown to enhance the early stages of bone repair by stimulating protein deposition while avoiding the generation of fibrous tissue encapsulation, which happens commonly with conventional PEEK implants.

At the same time, the structural integrity of PEEK maintains implant strength throughout the bone remodeling process and ensures long-term durability. The Skelite plus PEEK formulation of HyperPEEK achieves a structural modulus of elasticity that is similar to bone. By comparison, titanium has a significantly higher modulus that can lead to complications related to stress shielding.

HyperPEEK offers a number of other advantages over other implant materials including near-bone density of the internal calcium phosphate network that makes it visible on medical imaging scans for precise placement during surgery. In addition, the biostimulating nature of the proprietary calcium phosphate formulation and the progressive integration of new bone throughout the implant minimizes the requirement for bone graft material.

This new innovation has led to the creation of Octane Exo Spinal a leading-edge intervertebral implant made with HyperPEEK. Octane is currently seeking commercialization partners for global sales and distribution.

“We continue to work on other applications for HyperPEEK, as Exo Spinal advances towards clinical applications,” said Smith. “We’re very excited at all the possibilities.”


Octane Medical Group is a Kingston, Ontario-based medical technology company with the most advanced bioprocesses, biomaterials and bioreactors for regenerative medicine. We power transformative healthcare with game-changing technologies that we advance into production within our market-specific Octane ventures, for global commercialization with our industry partners.

At Octane, our goal is to make regenerative medicine the standard of care. For more information, visit www.octaneco.com.

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Octane Medical acquires B. Braun’s global orthobiologics business

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