Octane Medical acquires B. Braun’s global orthobiologics business
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Octane and Jubilant forge partnership to launch the most advanced radioisotope delivery system for PET imaging

Kingston, Ontario, October 2014 – Octane Medical Group has established a collaboration with Jubilant DraxImage Inc., a subsidiary of the multinational Jubilant Life Sciences in Uttar Pradesh, India, to develop and produce radioisotope patient infusion lines for RUBY-FILL, the most advanced Positron Emission Tomography (PET) delivery system for diagnosing critical, life-threatening conditions such as coronary artery disease.

The RUBY-FILL PET system is designed to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and safety in such applications as cardiovascular diagnostics, tissue abnormality detection, and mapping of brain and heart function. Jubilant needed a partner that could meet the complex production process and manufacturing requirements for the infusion lines that will deliver rubidium Rb 82 chloride – a radioactive diagnostic agent used in PET imaging – from the RUBY-FILL closed system to the patient.

Jubilant turned to Octane, which designs, validates and manufactures medical instrumentation and disposable components for clinical applications through Octane Clinical Systems Inc., an Octane venture.

“Using state-of-the-art processes and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we customized disposable patient lines to meet the specific system and application requirements for RUBY-FILL,” says Octane CEO Tim Smith. “We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved and what that means for patients around the world. We plan to use our process engineering and automation expertise to drive high-capacity production.”

The partnership between Octane and Jubilant has helped to launch RUBY-FILL into clinical practice on a global scale, giving healthcare professionals another powerful, life-saving tool.

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Cocoon™ is a patient-scale cell therapy system that forms the core of a series of versatile cell and tissue therapy production systems. Unlike other bioreactor systems, this platform integrates multiple steps, including upstream and downstream processing. From cell source isolation and cell expansion, through to cell collection, cell washing and final product formation – all in a closed, single-use disposable cassette

Coupled with advanced bioreactors, biosensor feedback and innovative cell scaffolds, this cell culture and tissue engineering platform opens up an array of clinical applications. Cocoon is an integrated turnkey production solution that can be configured as a compact but powerful system with a small footprint, or as a multi-patient system for ultra-efficient, enterprise-level deployment. Please read more about our game-changing innovations in regenerative medicine .

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Octane Medical acquires B. Braun’s global orthobiologics business

Kingston, Ontario, Canada / Melsungen, Germany, June 5th, 2024 – Octane Medical Group, through its new venture Octane Biotherapeutics (BioTx), has acquired 100% shares of the global orthobiologics business from its long-term partner B. Braun. The acquisition, consisting of the two companies TETEC AG in Germany and Aesculap Biologics, LLC. in the United States, establishes Octane as an international leader in regenerative medicine. 

June 5, 2024

Octane HyperPEEK® offers breakthrough biocomposite for enhanced bone regeneration

Kingston, Ontario, June 2, 2022 – Octane Exo Inc., an Octane Medical Group venture, has achieved a breakthrough in medical implant technology with Octane HyperPEEK, an advanced biocomposite proven to enhance bone regeneration with the goal of enhanced integration and stability.

March 2, 2022

Octane Completes Major Expansion of State-of-the-Art Facility in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario, 15 December 2020 – Octane Medical Group has expanded its state-of-the-art facility in Kingston, Ontario Canada. The 40,000-square-foot building, which Octane purchased in 2011, houses the company's head office and features regulated biolabs for biomaterial and biologics discovery programs including cell therapy research and development, a ...

December 15, 2020

Octane Wins 2020 Edison Award in Cellular Research for AUTOGRAFTA™ Synthesis of Living Grafts for Skeletal Reconstruction

Maine, USA, 18 March 2020 – Octane innovations in tissue engineering, personalized medicine and automated living implant production have earned one of the highest Edison Awards, winning Gold in the Medical / Dental Cellular Research category. The Gold award recognizes AUTOGRAFTA™ living graft technology and the ability to ...

March 18, 2020