Regenerative Medicine 

Regenerative medicine covers the simple to the complex, but it is generally held that ‘regenerative medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or establish normal function’ – Mason & Dunnill.

Harnessing and directing the power of healing through the control of cellular activity provides a powerful engine for new medical treatments.

Here at Octane Biotech, the concept of regenerative medicine is at the heart of our pursuits.


Our technology is unique. 
Our vision is to deliver cell therapy and tissue engineered implants through turn-key automated processes.  Our proprietary multi-stage approach employs specialized, interlinked bioreactors that provide precise control over the steps of cell source isolation, cell expansion, cell collection, cell washing, and final implant formation.  Real-time biofeedback from embedded sensors enables automatic adjustment of bioprocessing events to accommodate natural variations in cell source behavior.

Our patient-scale instrumentation, Cocoon™, is adaptable to accommodate different cell types and implant scaffolds.  The complete process of implant formation is performed within a sterile disposable cassette that enables effective isolation of bioprocessing events.

Octane Biotech is actively partnering the Cocoon™ platform for different institutional and clinical applications.  Through these collaborative efforts, our goal is to build a leading position in the emerging field of regenerative medicine.

Maximizing Performance 

The pursuit of clinical products to deliver regenerative medicine therapies requires a diverse skill base in highly specialized fields of biology, biomaterials and engineering.

Octane Biotech has established a network of collaborators within leading academic centers to provide scientific insight, specialized R&D resources, and clinical guidance.

The team at Octane Biotech is partner oriented, as collective wisdom represents the route to success in this challenging field.

Clinical Delivery 

Clinical implementation of regenerative techniques using cell-based implants requires consistency in the production process.  In order to provide the required level of control for correct cell behaviour and subsequent tissue formation, implant preparation is performed within dedicated bioreactors where critical biological parameters such as cell number, viability and phenotype can be closely monitored and controlled.

Our in depth review of clinical, regulatory and reimbursement requirements has guided our development strategy.  Leveraging our technology base and recent trends in the growth of biologics and stem cell initiatives, Octane Biotech is pursuing targeted applications for clinical adoption of the Cocoon™ technology platform.

Since market delivery will occur through collaborative efforts, Octane Biotech is actively pursuing partnering for clinical implementation.